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Leadership Development Program

Leaders inspire others. They communicate a vision and develop a strategy. Leaders constantly live in anticipation and adaptation of change and align, energize and mobilize people to follow them on a common purpose.

Leadership describes the expression of a leader’s being and doing. In a leadership team leadership is the culture of that team and how others perceive and experience their collective being and doing as leaders. Leadership isn’t innate – it can be learned.

Why Is It Important

“Leadership is important, not just in your career and within your organization, but in every sector, in every community, and in every country. We need more exemplary leaders, and we need them more than ever. There is so much extraordinary work that needs to be done. We need leaders who can unite us and ignite us.” James M. Kouzes and Barry Z. Posner

Leadership development is self-development. It requires lifelong learning and therefore is an ongoing process, even for the most experienced. It is a process unique from one client to another.

Effective Leadership Development

The keys to lasting impact of leadership development are:

– Emphasis on self-awareness and human dynamics
– Relevance to real-life issues
– Experience-based learning
– Post-program support
– Customized leadership development program catering to the motivation of the leaders and aligned with business requirements

Our leadership development training helps you understand your leadership style and effectiveness in a safe and supportive environment.


 What Will Participants Learn?  Benefits to your organization:
  • The primary focus of leadership development is on learning to understand your current leadership strengths and weaknesses, raise self-awareness, develop the dimensions of your emotional and social intelligence and gain new skills to lead teams, groups and organizations.
  • Gain greater awareness of your leadership style and the impact on others.
  • Develop the dimensions of your emotional and social intelligence.
  • Understand your internal assumption making and belief creating processes.
  • Develop more effective decision making skills.
  • Acquire the art of non-violent communication.
  • Learn the practice of giving and receiving feedback.
  • Practice fostering innovation and creation through positive conflict resolution techniques.
  • Clarify and communicate fundamental values and beliefs.
  • Build relationships, collaboration, teamwork and trust.
  • Encourage and empower others to excel.
  • Learn to recognize, acknowledge and celebrate others.
  • Develop a group of exceptional leaders
  • Clarify and enhance the team leadership culture
  • Improve the influencing and impacting skills of your leaders
  • Leverage diversity and conflict for innovation
  • Strengthen communication skills of leaders across the organization


What’s Included?
Instruction by certified expert facilitators and coaches
Small, interactive classes

Specialized manual and course materials
Personalized certificate of completion




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